Date Issues with BlogML

Aug 30, 2010 at 3:17 AM

I was able to use NGM.BlogML to import my blog. I did have to up my maxRequestLength to "1024000" in my web config to get it work with 454 posts and thousands of comments. The importer did throw an error when I first tried to do the import because of the dates in my BlogML file. It threw an error on line 114 of the ImportService.cs file.

I used BlogEngine.NET to export my blog, so the bad dates came from that file. They were lower than the SQL standard year of 1799. I can provide my BlogML file if that would help.

I also had another problem with my Slugs. None of them came over from the BlogML file.

Oct 2, 2010 at 6:12 PM

Hi David, Really sorry about my big delay in a reply!!

The first error to do with maxRequestLength is a bit of a problem as its more of an IIS issue that to do with the actual module. It would appear you can change this behaviour in the web.config file.

       <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="320" />


where 320 is kb so 100000 is 100000kb etc. Although this is not the most ideal fix... but may help in the mid term.

The Dates issue is one I however might be able to fix. Is there a chance you could provide me and extract of the BlogML so that I can test??? my email is Jetski5822 at Hotmail dot com

Thanks David for the heads up and logging the problems you had.

Cheers Nick